Unable to set default program for .cpp file type

I’m using the latest edition of Windows 10 Home on a 64-bit computer.

I’ve been struggling to set the default program used to open .cpp files. At first, it was set to Notepad, but at some point I must have set it to Code::Blocks by accident. I was eventually able to get rid of the association to Code::Blocks, but now .cpp files don’t have any association. The best I can do is set them back to Code::Blocks.

I tried many of the suggestions on this question, but still no luck yet.

I’ve tried multiple ways of setting the default program: Through the Windows 10 Settings app, the typical “Right click and select Open With”, through the Properties window. I even tried NirSoft’s FileTypesMan. One interesting observation I made is that on the File Types Manager, it does say next to the User Choice option “NOTEPAD.EXE”, yet it obviously hasn’t worked yet.

I can get through the whole process of setting the program without an error message or anything, yet their is no visible result.

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong or what I should try?