Unable to so see or access ubuntu pc in network from Windows

I am having trouble seeing my Ubuntu 18.04 PC (acting as a file and media server) from the windows PCs. I have installed Samba, Tasksel, System-config-samba, python-glade2, samba-common, smbclient. Edited avahi-daemon to 0, Created a “me” and “netguest” users in samba, sudo ufw allow ‘Samba’ (even though firewall is disabled), sudo chmod 777 /media/mydrive/Mystuff (also with all shared folders). Windows PCs are on the Homenet network, Ubuntu PC has a static IP ( it can be pinged but not accessed or seen. There are two things that I don’t know whether they affect or not, I have 2 routers, the second one is acting as a range extender, but is the only one that can be connected by wire to the Ubuntu PC, the rest are connected via wi-fi. The smb.conf file is attached. Thank you for any help you may provide.