(Unity 3D) How to make Player consistently jump *to* a specific target rather than *towards* it?

I’m trying to make it so if my player hits "E" then they jump precisely to a specific target. The current code results in player jumping towards the target but not really making it there.

I’ve tried adjusting forceMultiply and ForceMode and adding an offset but I just can’t get a result that simply consistently launches the player’s rigidbody rb towards the anchorPoint position.

The code I have is:

private void Update() {     if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E))     {         tryGrabbing = true;     } }  private void FixedUpdate() {     if (tryGrabbing)     {         rb.AddForce(anchorPoint.transform.position * forceMultiply, ForceMode.Impulse);     } } 

Thank you for any help!!