Unity Apk size is too big for building the same scene

I’m Developing a game that should have 15-60 levels when all the environments of the levels are the same. I created a scene (level1) and tried to build it the total apk is around 38Mb which is fine. But When I duplicated this scene to create the other levels and build my game the file size jumps to 148Mb which is problematic for me.

Things I tried:

  • I Optimized meshes, textures, and audio files.
  • I tried toggling static batching, SRP batching, GPU Instancing.

Here’s some of the editor log of the second build:

Build Report Uncompressed usage by category (Percentages based on user generated assets only): Textures               6.2 mb    1.8%  Meshes                 3.1 mb    0.9%  Animations             781.3 kb  0.2%  Sounds                 0.0 kb    0.0%  Shaders                1.8 mb    0.5%  Other Assets           652.6 kb  0.2%  Levels                 323.1 mb  91.6%  Scripts                3.6 mb    1.0%  Included DLLs          13.4 mb   3.8%  File headers           105.1 kb  0.0%  Total User Assets      352.8 mb  100.0%  Complete build size    678.6 mb Used Assets and files from the Resources folder, sorted by uncompressed size:  2.2 mb  0.3% Assets/Polygon/PolygonSamurai/Models/Characters.fbx  1.2 mb  0.2% Packages/com.unity.render-pipelines.universal/Shaders/PostProcessing/UberPost.shader  1.0 mb  0.2% Assets/TextMesh Pro/Resources/Fonts & Materials/LiberationSans SDF.asset 

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong I don’t know where is the main problem. Any help is soo appreciated.