Unity project not communicating with my iPhone 11?

Connecting to my iPhone 11 with a cool FaceTracking project called FaceCapOSCReceiverExample https://github.com/hizzlehoff/FaceCapOSCReceiverExample works excellent on my laptop, but not on my PC (Windows 10 and ubuntu dual boot. I am using Windows 10 for this project).

On my PC the only AntiVirus/firewall I have is Windows Defender. On the Inbound and Outbound rules, I deleted everything that had the word ‘Unity’ in it. I then added custom rules, allowing everything, for the program paths of Unity Hub and all Unity Editor installations.

But no luck. The program won’t communicate with my iPhone.

I even tried turning the firewall completely off and re-launching Unity as admin. No luck.

I then manually installed the latest drivers for my network adapters (I have both "Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller" and "Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Adapter" in Device Manager). No luck!

I also connected my PC to a personal hotspot from my iPhone. This was a tethered (purely USB) connection that I had running. But, while the tethered Internet worked great on my PC, it still didn’t make the Unity project communicate with my iPhone! ;O;

I then added a rule to my firewall where I created a TCP port number 60001 and set it so private and public could connect. (I’m very newbie about ports) Then I entered that as the Port number within the Unity project. Still no connection was made…

I have no idea what to try from here! Like I said, it works great on my laptop, but my laptop is too dang laggy to use with it, so I would really love to get it running on my PC.