Unkown ip adress in my lan

While scanning my LAN with Angry IP Scanner, I found an ip @ that I didn’t recognise

IP Ping Hostname MAC Address MAC Vendor 0 ms DESKTOP-F126TH4 48:5F:99:46:XX:XX CloudTechnology // Laptop 3 ms [n/a] C4:71:54:B8:XX:XX TP-LINK //Router 0 ms [n/a] E8:6A:64:D4:XX:XX LCFCTechnology // ?? 51 ms [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] // Smartphone

My router is the .100, the .59 doesn’t appear in my router dhcp table and I can only ping it through my laptop (.10), I changed my wifi password but the same device show up immediately after, I disabled wifi on my router and connected through a Ethernet cable and still the .59 show up.

Any idea what it could be ?