Unrelated applications like games accessing ‘webcache’ related files

As title suggests im wondering if a game ,for example, has any business accessing ‘webcache_counters’.

After attempting to clean my webcachev01 file due to its oddly large filesize given the fact i dont use IE or Microsoft Edge at all, I noticed in processexplorer that alot of my random applications were accessing a file with the suffix ‘webcache_counters’ followed by a string of numbers I’d imagine to be a registry key.

Strange thing about this handle is that i cant view its properties nor close the handle. With the first saying that it is ‘Unable to query’ and the latter saying i lack administrative rights. To clarify I am the sole user and administrator on this machine.

All this is having me increasingly worried, ive been having recent fears of malware on my PC and this has appeared in my rigourous inquiry of my files and processes. How can an innocuous sounding file/handle bar me from even closing it in process explorer?