Upgrading my website to be multilanguage with subdirectories, Without losing my good google ranking

I have a Belgium regular HTML website where you can rent my jazzband for events, For years my website was in dutch only, but I would like to also have the french speaking belgium citizens as new costumers. (Belgium has north dutch speakers and south french speakers) My ranking on google is really good, so I do not want to lose my position when adding the french language on it.(note: I always will have and want mostly dutch visitors)

My website is now still www.myexamplesite.be (all my extra pages are in my rootfolder)

For my upgrade I did copy all my pages and translated them, and used the *hreflang="nl-BE" and "fr-BE"*stuff on all my pages linking both languages on each page. All my pages are organised in a subdirectory, all dutch pages in /nl/.. and french pages in /fr/.. On each page there is a menubutton to swith language (it links to the html in the right directory).

for the moment I have this:

root/index.html  --> www.myexamplesite.be (a dutch written homepage with all my links leading to the /nl directory. root/nl/index.html --> www.myexamplesite.be/nl/index.html this is a copy of my 'root/index.html' root/fr/index.html --> www.myexamplesite.be/fr/index.html this is the french translated homepage 

Is this the best option? (thinking about my ranking), will google automatically lead the french speakers to my /fr/index? and the dutch to nl/index or root/index ? Or should consider ‘language redirect with htaccess’ on my root/index.html? Or…other options?