Use John the Ripper to break Password Protected Zip

I installed kali linux, that comes with John the ripper. I have a password-protected zip file. I’m pretty sure the password is complex. I first convert the zip into a hash:

sudo zip2john FILE_LOCATION > zippedzip.txt 

It took around 20 seconds to run that command.

I got this output: enter image description here Then I try running john on it:

sudo john --format=zip ZIPPEDZIP.TXT_LOCATION 

However I keep getting an error:

Using default input encoding: UTF-8 No password hashes loaded (see FAQ) 

I’m pretty new to John the ripper, but didn’t I already load in a hash?

I then took a look at the FAQ but that confused me.

So next I tried to just run a wordlist through the hash

I used the following wordlist:

So I ran this: enter image description here

So after trying both methods, I’m not really sure how to crack this zip.