Use the backbone.js client to save custom post type meta

So I have this small piece of code that renders an array of IDs:

const selected = this.$  data.list.selected; function get_ids(input, field) {     const output = [];     for (let i=0; i < input.length ; ++i)         output.push(input[i][field]);     return output; } const result = get_ids(selected, "id"); 

Now inside my JS, I want to be able to use the backbone.js API that WordPress provides to save it to my employee custom post type as a post meta.

So let’s say that my result output is [343, 3532] – I want to be able to save that array as a "apps" post meta under employees.

I know examples showed that it would be something like const test = new wp.api.models.Employee().fetch and then save, but it sounds super confusing since I don’t have a specific post, and would just like to save the post meta.

Based on these examples, does anyone know how I could do that?