Use WPQuery to match to specific repeater row in post

So i have a repeater inside post-type ‘properties’ that stores Lot No and Auction Date for all the Auctions a property is in.

When going into an event page, say for 12th August it needs to list all of the properties in this auction in Lot No order.

When i use WP Query i’m doing it as so:

function my_posts_where( $  where ) {    $  where = str_replace("meta_key = 'auctions_$  ", "meta_key LIKE 'auctions_%", $  where);    return $  where; }  add_filter('posts_where', 'my_posts_where');          $  args = array (             'post_type'=>'properties',             'post_status'=>'publish',             'posts_per_page'=> 40,             'paged'=> $  paged,             'suppress_filters' => false,             'meta_query' => array(              'proparray' => array(                'key' => 'auctions_$  _auction_date',                'value' => $  today2,                'compare' => 'LIKE',              ),              'lot-nos' => array(                'key' => 'auctions_$  _lot_no',                'type' => 'NUMERIC',              ),         ),        'orderby' => array(           //  'auction-dates' => 'ASC',             'lot-nos' => 'ASC',         ),           );         $  wpb_all_query = new WP_Query($  args); 

My problem is that it’s picking up Lot Nos from other rows. So if a property has the following date:

Auction Date : 7th June 2020 Lot No: 2 Auction Date: 12th August 2020 Lot No: 14

It is picking up the auction date 12th August 2020, but ordering it as Lot No 2, NOT 14. I need it to match to the specific row of the date in question, then get the Lot No from that row. is this possible?