Using 2 domains 1 localized and 1 international for a website a good practice

I have an exact keyword domain name in my local German language: www.weinglaser.example Now I also serve visitors in 10 other languages where my current .net domain name doesn’t make any sense, these people don’t know my exact keyword and the word is hard to spell/remember for them.

So what I want to do is create a new domain just for these international visitors, something more brand-like, general and non-content specific, like or whatever. I’d then get URLs like,, for different languages.

As weinglaser.example is a very strong and recognizable domain I don’t want to lose it. So I’m now thinking to use weinglaser.example to target only my German users and "" for everyone else. I will not share exact content between domains to prevent duplicate content issues.

Is this a good approach in 2021 or will I run into severe SEO or other issues?