Using a hot chain as an improvised weapon [closed]

Given the mathematics discussed in this physics.stackexchange question , how would a DM handle a PC placing 5ft of a 10ft chain (the kind used by goblins to shackle a wolf) in a campfire, then grabbing a hold of the end not in the fire and whipping the chain at an enemy NPC in an Indiana Jones fashion when sufficient time had passed to heat the chain?

For those who don’t want to check out the math, the specified chain will reach 80°C (176°F) in 38 seconds. This is over the temp for causing 3rd degree burns to human skin with 1 second of contact, which is 68°C (155°F).

Hit die for damage?

Bonus damage for burning/searing?

Would a critical success mean the chain wraps around a body part?

Damage over time if the chain isn’t immediately removed?

Loss of concentration, fear, panic, other effects?

I’m new to D&D, so I want to know if the mechanics of such a maneuver live up to what I imagine.