Using a Windows-based Mercurial repository in a NTFS drive from Linux

I have a dual-boot, Windows/Linux machine. There, I have a mercurial repository in the NTFS data partition, which was cloned using Windows’ TortoiseHg. It’s also pushed and pulled through Windows.

Sometimes I’m working under Linux. The SVN repositories work just fine from the NTFS partition, but mercurial doesn’t work when names involve characters like ç or ã. I’ve read somewhere that’s a known problem of Mercurial, as it doesn’t cara about the enconding used by the operational system: it just pulls stuff the way it’s sent push it the same way.

It’s cumbersome, to say the least, having to restart the machine in Windows just to sync the repository.

Is there any way around this? Is there a --encode parameter I could use in Linux to make things work?