Using Armorist without Spheres of Power

Having recently come across this question and subsequently being introduced to the Armorist class I had one inkling I can’t shake: Could I finally make a great armor summoner ala Erza?

The mechanics of being able to summon and equip lots of different magical gear is the thing that makes this concept possible. That said, I’d not even looked at Spheres of Power, nor do I really have any desire to ask for it’s use.

Which leads to this question. On it’s head, the armorist allows almost mirror progression to the Fighter (with a few tweaks here and there). So, how much of a disadvantage would it be to simply strip the magic talents and caster level away from the class, leaving it more comparable in vanilla Pathfinder?

The goal, as with any character I try to create, is not immense power or optimization. I simply want a character that fits within the general structure without feeling too strong or too weak.

Frame challenge answers that explore other options for this character that don’t have to use the Armorist class are more than welcome.