Using find in systemd service results in error: ‘paths must precede expression’

I’m trying to create an exclude file, before my backup runs. Using this simple find command produces the correct output, but it fails when used in a systemd service. I think because of find escaping.

Is there an alternative to chevron or piping? or a correct way to escape characters? Thanks

error: find[20029]: /usr/bin/find: paths must precede expression:>’

My service:

[Unit] Description=Restic backup service [Service] Type=oneshot ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/find /home/jake/finished/ -size +1G > /etc/restic/exclude_large.lst ExecStart=/usr/bin/restic backup --verbose --one-file-system --tag systemd.timer $  BACKUP_EXCLUDES $  BACKUP_PATHS ExecStartPost=/usr/bin/restic forget --verbose --tag systemd.timer --group-by "paths,tags" --keep-daily $  RETENTION_DAYS --keep-weekly $  RETENTION_WEEKS --keep-monthly $  RETENTION_MONTHS --keep-yearly $  RETENTION_YEARS EnvironmentFile=/etc/restic/restic-backup.conf