Using heavy weapons light weapons and monk

I have a question I’d hope someone can answer. I have the idea of going with 3 battle master and 8 Kensei. I want to use mainly my greatsword to attack, however, I have the idea of using a dagger as a kensei weapon to benefit from time to time from the +2 ac. In the future, I could use a venom dagger and well add and combine different features, since you need 2 hands to use a greatsword but not carry it, and I can have an interaction as a part of my action.

My question is: are scenarios possible?

A: Attack with dagger > sheath dagger as part of the action > attack with greatsword

B: 2 attacks with greatsword > unsheath dagger as part of the action (after the attacks)> use agile parry as bonus action > next turn > use action to poison dagger > action surge> 1 attack with dagger (while holding the greatsword on the other hand) > sheath dagger as part of the action > 1 attack with greatsword > flurry of blows as bonus action