Using IIS URL Rewrite module: Reverse Proxy for Two Web Servers

We have two web servers on our network, for example:

  • Server one ( hosts
  • Server two ( hosts

The router forwards all port 80/443 traffic to server one (because routers don’t differentiate on which website is requested). We need to redirect traffic intended for server two (, from server one to the appropriate internal IP address for server two, while leaving traffic intended for on server one.

General question:

How do we use the IIS URL Rewrite module: Reverse Proxy to accomplish this?

More specific questions:

What is entered on the “Add Reverse Proxy Rules” screen for the “Inbound Rules” and “Outbound Rules: From and To” sections?

Should the URL Rewrite rules be configured under the “Default Web Site”, or should a new Site be created for each additional website/webapp/URL on Server two and the URL Rewrite rule be created within the additional Sites?

IF the rules for each website/webapp/URL should be created within their own IIS Site, does the order they appear in the Sites list matter? Or if they are all together in the “Default Web Site”, does the rule order matter?


IIS – Add Reverse Proxy Rules Screenshot

Note: In this case, it’s not possible to simply host both websites/webapps on the same server.