Using nested objects for pointers with Javascript – Design concept

So, I am designing some data structure and I am curious if there are anything that specifically advises against having multiple object pointers within one master object. I found questions about C++ and it definitely seems doable in js also. I have tested it and it works, but I am just curious if it just is a terrible programming no-no. If it indeed are some major drawbacks, can describe them for me? When should I not use such structure?

a={}; a.b={}; a.c={}; a.d={}; e={};  a.b.sub1={name: 'a.b.sub1'}; a.c.sub1={name: 'a.c.sub1'}; a.d.sub1={name: 'a.d.sub1'};  a.e.arr=[]; a.e.arr.push(a.b.sub1); a.e.arr.push(a.c.sub1); a.e.arr.push(a.d.sub1);  a.b.sub1={name: 'test'}; console.log(a.e.arr[0].name === 'test'); // true