View Exposed Filter Display if content exists

We have a view with the following settings.

Content Type:

  • Basic page
  • Category (field_category) allows for multiple values.

Current problem:

  1. All values for Category are displayed (IoT, Cloud, Security), but content has only IoT and Cloud. Currently no Basic Page have Category = Security.

Desired output:

  1. Display only IoT and Cloud for the Category exposed filter.

How would we limit the exposed filters to only display values for which content exists?


Format:  - Show: Content | Teaser  - Format: Unformatted List | Settings  Filter Criteria:      - Authored on (exposed)  - Category (field_category) (exposed) | Settings (settings is set to Category tag, selection type = Dropdown)  - Author (exposed)   - Published (= Yes)  - Content Type (= Basic Page)  Sort Criteria:  - Content: Authored on (desc)  Contextual Filters, Relationship:     - None  Exposed form:      - Exposed form style: Better Exposed Filters | Settings  - Settings are set to default in Better Exposed Filters  Other:      - Use Ajax: Yes  - Use aggregation: no  - query settings: default settings