View GraphQL queries in browser network developer tools [on hold]

We recently migrated our API to graphql, and it’s been working very well for us. However I did come across one inconvenience during development that I couldn’t find any information on. When using the browser developer tools to inspect network requests, all our requests which used to have specifically named endpoints like inventory?id=1234 are now just listed as graphql.

I understand why this is the case, but was hoping for a way to include some of the POST information in the list of requests. It is cumbersome to click through a dozen POSTs to try to find the one I am looking for.

It seems likely that different browsers may have different methods of approaching this. Maybe a plugin that extends the developer tools? I mention graphql since that’s the context of my question, although I suppose this problem isn’t graphql specific

In browser developer tools, is there a way to add content from each POST request to the row?