VS Debug not accepting the command line argument provided in project properties [on hold]

A cpp project my team is working on in Visual Studio 2017 Community (v15.5.1) compiles to an .exe that can be run from a terminal with the command line argument pointing to a set of inputs. Normally as I work on the code I run it in debug mode within VS, setting the command line argument by right clicking the main Project, going to Properties > Debugging > Command Argument and entering the path to the input set there same as I would after the .exe name if running it in a terminal.

The problem is that when I compile in Debug mode, my command argument is not used and instead an older command argument is used, whatever argument was last committed in our version control for the solution’s .vcsproj.user file. I check out the latest copy, modify the command argument to my own path, run debug and it uses the command argument from whatever I had last checked out, ignoring the path I provide.

What could be going wrong here? How do I get VS debug mode to use the path I provide? The only diff I find from version control is my change to .vcsproj.user file, in the tag . My working copy has the path I provided in VS Project Properties for Command Argument, and yet running Debug mode doesn’t use that path.

To confirm the EXE is working as expected, if I compile it for release and then run it from a terminal, it accepts whatever command line argument I pass it in terminal correctly.