Ways to extend my natural (non-weapon) reach?

I have a character who has taken Inhuman Reach from Lords of Madness and Deformity (Tall) from Book of Vile Darkness, and is two levels away from warshaper 3rd and the morphic reach feature from Complete Warrior. I have the long arm fiendish graft from Fiend Folio. All told, I’ll have a natural reach of 25 feet.

I want more.

What other options—aside from the obvious one of growing in size myself—offer more bonuses to reach? I’m aware of this question seeking ways to increase reach for unarmed strikes only, but again, that’s unarmed strikes only—I want this for everything (and actually the atavist option in the accepted answer is not useful to me, as I’m using claws rather than unarmed strike).

Non-epic 3.5e material (including 3.5e-legal 3e material) from Wizards of the Coast sources and/or Dragon or Dungeon magazine are acceptable. Homebrew and 3rd-party material (including 3rd-party material that licenses the D&D logo) is not. Epic material may be presumed to not exist.

Feats and class features are ideal. Meeting prerequisites may be left as an exercise to the reader, so long as they do not require an epic character or epic stats.

Items are also welcomed for this purpose. Spells and other limited-duration effects (including item effects, for activated items) are only acceptable if they last a day or more. Persistent Spell and other ways of persisting effects are not acceptable. Abusing polymorph any object’s poorly-defined duration rules is also not allowed.

For that matter, turning into another creature with longer reach is not acceptable. I want to add the bonus to my own reach, not turn into something else. Size increases are also unacceptable—I’ll no doubt be doing that too but that’s a separate concern.

Infinite and arbitrary loops, manipulate form, “unleveling,” and outside assistance are all banned as well.