Web database search and data extraction – will pay


I wish to engage the services of a computer professional who would develop an automated tool to search a web-based database and store results in a simple database that I could print at will.

Description of the problem I want to solve.

I am an accredited translator and interpreter and about 30 years ago have been tested and recognised as such by the Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). I was granted accreditation for life and my name was listed for years in the NAATI paper-based directories and later in its on-line directory of accredited professionals.

Several years ago NAATI decided to earn more money from its existing and future members and in place of accreditations started issuing certifications that had to be renewed every few years on the payment of a substantial fee.

Existing accredited professionals have been allowed to continue to practice with their lifetime accreditations but were invited, or more accurately, urged to surrender their accreditations in exchange for “free” certifications that they would have to renew by paying periodical fees.

For obvious reasons, not many accredited professionals switched to the new NAATI certification regime.

NAATI responded by replacing the on-line directory of accredited professionals with a new directory, listing only the certified professionals and deleting the accredited professionals. By this unwarranted change the NAATI deprived all accredited professionals of a fair chance to earn income because the NAATI on-line directory is the only resource available to clients to find qualified translators and interpreters in Australia

NAATI website portal provides a search function to find names of certified professionals by their certification level, language, location, etc. here: https://www.naati.com.au/ – see green box in the centre: Find a certified translator or interpreter. This search does not return any details of the accredited professionals.

The NAATI website also provides prominent means of verifying the validity of issued NAATI certifications by means of a yellow box to the right of the green box: Verify a NAATI certification by entering the Practitioners ID.

The NAATI website also still provides a rather more obscure means of verifying the validity of the old accreditations. It can be accessed by clicking Resources in the top horizontal menu and selecting the last option of Verify a NAATI accreditation by entering the NAATI number. Whilst this may help the clients who already know the NAATI number of an accredited person, it does not help those who seek the services of an accredited translator and interpreter.

I wish to extract from the NAATI database the details of all accredited professionals. I can do this legally and readily if I use the accreditation verification search function manually by entering the NAATI numbers sequentially from 0001 to say, 9999 (I expect that many numbers between 1 and 9999 will not return any entries). Such a search is made more difficult by NAATI using a graphical verification tool in an apparent attempt to prevent automated repeated searches.

If you can help me, please contact me at info@startrade.org. Thank you.