Website not improving for 3 years

I feel so discouraged having had a website for 3 years and I still haven’t reaped any noticeable benefits coming from it.
I used to write content once every week, only a couple ranked. For the past few months, I stopped
putting up new content because of school. Now I graduated and I have the time but I don’t know where
to start. The few posts that had ranked are no longer in the first page. I’m barely getting any views or clicks.
In the analytics and performance images, you can see how much my website has deteriorated. It’s like I’m
back to level 1. I made this website in the hope that I would have a personal income and become independent.
I’m only 17 and I have so much to learn. I’m still hosting this website thanks to my father’s support, but I
fear that he may tell me to take down the site as it’s useless and wasting money.
Can someone please give me an advice? I chose this niche because it’s something I’m interested about.
I didn’t know it would be this tough.
Here’s the site: