What are easy ways to familiarise yourself with the DnD world/universe?

Recently my RPG playgroup has been thinking about exploring what is for us unchartered territory and try out some new RPGs that come with a heavy “high fantasy, high magic” feel to them.

One of the obvious candidates is Dungeons and Dragons. Quite apart from the question which of the many many versions one could get themselves invested in (I assume there are already questions on that, if not I might open one in the future) the issue is that apart from me no-one at our table has the slightest idea of the DnD world/universe.

And I’m not meaning having full insights into every aspect of the magical, theological, ecclesiastical, interplanary and mundane goings on – but even just a general “feel” to it. Our other players have raised some concerns that this makes it quite difficult for them to get interested in the system and invested in new characters and a new campaign.

  • How could our players familiarise themselves with the DnD world in a way that would help them get some first insights, a general “feel” for the place?

Criteria: While I could of course suggest our players a 200-hours Baldur’s Gate playthrough, and I’m sure there is plenty of 1500 page novels – but I fear that would be way to time-consuming. If possible I’m looking for some way that works on a time-budget. (Are there for example movies set in the DnD world that we could watch as a playgroup?)