What are examples of objects that do or don’t bear resemblance to a weapon? [closed]

I’d like some examples of objects that you treat as "improvised weapons" and whether they "bear resemblance" to a weapon.

The PHB lists some example improvised weapons but only explains one of them:

  • broken glass: would you treat this as a dagger?
  • a table leg: PHB says this can be treated like a club. What about a tree branch? Or a log?
  • a frying pan: I’d expect to this to do more than 1d4 total damage, but I can’t say it resembles a club.
  • a wagon wheel: No idea.
  • a dead Goblin: No idea.

Are there any non-weapon objects that bear resemblance to a weapon with 1d6 (+ability score and possibly proficiency) or more damage?