What are Game engines that don’t require GPU? [closed]

my computer isn’t really great and I was wondering if there are game engines that do support development on my laptop’s specs, while there not trash, most game engines require Gpu which I unfortunately don’t have.

I’ve seen libGDX and Monogame which are java and C# game engines respectively that does meet with my specs.

My development experience isn’t low as I have made a couple of simple games and an AI in python. And have low experience java and C# (sorting algos)

If any of you know any Game engines with the specs below I’ll be grateful, thanks!

My specs are : 1.8 GHz processor 8 GB ram 256 GB SSD No GPU

PS : it’ll be great if it’s runs C# or java as I have experience in them but any other languages will work, thanks

Thanks in advance!