What are the crucial camera features for portrait, landscape, sports, wedding, OR travel photography?

I am collecting some ideas about which camera features photographers see as essential for different kinds of photography. (BTW, this is not for shopping nor for education; I am interested in what features camera users pay attention to for different uses. I have my own ideas but am interested in the informed choices of you all, as each of us has different experiences and preferences.)

Although of course the lens paired with the camera is in fact an major part of the combination, please concentrate on the features of the (digital) camera body as far as possible.

I am thinking mainly about categories of photography, and a person could answer for one or more than one. Probably contributions derived from experience rather than theory, will be most useful, so I’d love it if you answer based on types of photography in which you have a fair amount of experience. The categories are:
*sports / action
*events (e.g. weddings, concerts, parties, corporate events)
*macro / simple table-top product photography

The question is: If you take mostly portraits, what features would you prefer in a portrait camera? If you photograph landscapes, please tell me a few camera features are essential for you (and these could be of many types: for example, huge dynamic range, or fast autofocus speed, or fast burst shooting, in-camera focus stacking, customizable buttons, lightweight body, fabulous resolution, or large pixel pitch). Please give no more than five features for each type of photography, as I am interested in seeing how preferences vary for different kinds of photography.

I am curious as to what nuggets of gold might be in the answers. Thanks in advance for your time!