What are the differences between “Escape” and a common task to get free?

The Explorer special ability Escape (2 Speed point), as stated in the (old) Cypher System Rulebook is used to get free (p. 41):

You slip your restraints, squeeze through the bars, break the grip of a creature holding you, pull free from sucking quicksand, or otherwise get loose from whatever is holding you in place. Action.

But this is already possible using a common Might or Speed (or even Intellect) task, as stated in example in the description of the Giant (p. 295):

If a giant attacks a single target, she can choose to do regular damage or to grab hold of her victim, dealing 4 points of damage instead. On his turn, the victim can attempt a Might defense roll to struggle out of the grip, a Speed defense roll to slip out, or an Intellect-based task to distract the giant.

So what’s the difference between Escape and a common defense roll?