What are the lifespans for PC races in Dragonlance?

Looking to streamline character creation in a game I am running where players record their characters age.

The problem; there is no comprehensive list of creature lifespans. Across source material maybe the information appears in a description, or in another edition, or in a novel.

Looking for an answer which can compile a list of PC creature lifespans. The game I am running is in the Age of Mortals, using BCEMI / AD&D rules, however I figure the relevant ages are likely consistent across editions.

Known PC creature options:

  • Human; Civilized, Nomads,
  • Elf; Half Elf, Kagonesti, Silvanesti, Dark, Sea
  • Dwarf; Gully, Hill, Mountain, Dark,
  • Kender; Afflicted,
  • Ogre; Half Ogre, Irda
  • Minotaur,
  • Gnome,
  • Centaur,