What are the mechanics governing the Home Sweet Home award?

A while ago (last spring) I played a 5e AL adventure and received a story award named ‘Home Sweet Home’ form the DDAL module ‘Battle of Elmwood’.

As written by T. J. L.,

Characters that successfully completed this adventure earn the story reward “Home Sweet Home”. […]

This character has been given a plot of land in Elmwood by the Elmwood Council to use as their permanent residence. This plot of land can be either sized for a comfortably large house in the main area of the town of Elmwood OR about an acre of bare land out in the farmlands for some crops or a ranch, a barn, and a farmhouse. Future Elmwood adventures will have more information about how to upgrade this residence.

What rules govern it? IE, what does it cost to actually build a house? can I add a forge? does it already have a house?