What class and subclass are the most efficient to rush fights per tier?


I ask this question because I played a bard from level 1 to 2 almost 3 (4 sessions). It was great except during battle. These battles were not that difficult but were (too) long. We’re kind of a newbie party so players don’t play that fast yet. The point is I wanted to play a character that would deal consistent great amount of damage in order to rush through less entertaining fights.

I switched to a vengeance paladin. I’m a level 3 variant human starting with polearm master, a quarterstaff, dueling fighting style and it does great. The limited divine/searing smite, vow of enmity and hunting mark add a great deal of damage, and if I use them with parsimony, I feel like I can be efficient all the day long in destroying fights we come up with. Without spell slot and with 16 STR I can deal 1d6 + 6 + 1d4 + 6 => 14-22 damage per turn (if i don’t miss) without opportunity attack nor smites.

I feel like the feat is a bit OP in the early levels, but except the level 5 extra attack, I fear that my damage output won’t scale that much and that I will heavily rely on spell slot to keep up.

So, I wondered, if my character happens to die (I don’t plan to beg my DM to reroll every other session), what I should be picking.


Also, no multiclassing.

Recap: Looking for the most op vanilla builds per tier that features high damage, quick fights, usefulness throughout the day.

I don’t want build that are based on: Tanking, CC, debuff (except for dealing higher damage)


I considered eldritch blast Warlock, Champion fighter, Assassin Rogue (looks like it deals lots of damage in the first turn), or wizard (when it has enough spell slot to deal a lot of damages on average if there isn’t too much fights, bonus: possible AoE damages).

If i ask this is because I’m kind of a new player and that i don’t have enough experience to feel the gameplay of every classes just by reading their description (which I did).

I’m open to answers that do not directly answer my questions if you feel that I would benefit from reading it.


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