What class archetypes can replace a Witch’s spellcasting ability?

One of our players does not enjoy the metagame of spell memorization / resource management that comes with spellcasting. Our GM has allowed us to retcon her archetype to replace or scale back the spellcasting aspect of a Witch so that she can focus more on Hexes and possibly countermagic. Our characters are currently 5th level and I don’t think she’s cast anything other than Cure Light Wounds once or twice. Neither of us is exceptionally familiar with Pathfinder and haven’t been able to find any options on our own. According to our GM homebrews that are well balanced might be acceptable.

Some additional info about the character: L5 Gnome Jinx-Eater Witch with a Goat Familiar (Black Philip) and the Decadence patron.

What the player would love: For her Goat to be more powerful or hearty so that it can play a bigger role in our adventures.