What classes are based on intelligence but not reliant on magic/supernatural power?

My knowledge of 5th edition’s class options is far from exhaustive. I want to play an intelligence-based class whose class features are not centered on magic, alchemy, or psychic powers. Does such a class exist?

I enjoy playing a “nerd”, but was looking for something to be other than a magical nerd. If weapon-focused classes are the only alternative to magical classes, then that’s the direction I’m trying to go in, but I want to leave open the possibility of a character whose focus is neither weapons nor magic, in case such exists. To be clear, I’m fine with finding and using magic items — I’m just looking to break the wall that seems to exist between mental stats and contributing in nonmagical ways.

Simply, I want to contribute to the party in a manner that frequently leverages a high intelligence score, without having to use magic as a means by which to apply that mental ability score to practical situations. Whether that means attacks in combat, skills, etc. isn’t as important as a) being smart & clever, b) not needing magic to contribute.

Applicable material is anything 1st-party, including UA and anything else of comparable official-ness. I don’t know what the campaign will consist of, but I suspect that it will be high-RP with fewer but more challenging combats.