What classes would fit a singing assassin? [closed]

My friend is going to create a character of a virtuso assassin. If I understand him correctly, he’d like to be someone with split personality. A successful, well-known musician and dancer, who becomes a ruthless cutthroat when there is need for it.

Is there a class or two that would perfectly fit into something like this? Please note, that I am interested in specific classes that grant mentioned features, not character builds. The player is quite stubborn. He has already chosen drow as race(monster class levels from Savage Species to take one gestalt’s class slot), items and feats. He is not willing to change them, as he is pumping everything in Death Attack’s DC while team’s archivist focuses on debuffs.

Simple bard/rogue/assassin turned out to be a poor choice, because the character would be dependant on Dexterity, Intelligence and Charisma, which is too much. I couldn’t find a good combination that would reduce the crucial abilities to 2. Using poisons, sneak and death attacks are a must. It would be nice if the class had charisma based death attacks or be able to use Intelligence for perform and other social tests. A few bardic features similar to fascinate would be nice, however they are not a must. It is not a problem if the mentioned features will be gained later, however if it would be 20th class level it would be a poor choice, because the character will be deprived of what they want.

Gestalt rules, character at 8th ECL.

3.0, 3.5, Dungeon Adventures and Dragon Magazines allowed.