What creatures have the regeneration ability

I am searching throughout all the different books to find the creatures with the regeneration ability. I am not particularly interested in special regeneration (Such as a hydras head regrowth or a Phoenix rebirth). I need help finding all my options for creatures with strait regeneration such as a Troll or Vampire. The higher the regeneration the better.

Alright context. I am a player in an obnoxiously homebrewed game. Our characters are a combination of 3 different creatures and we choose traits to apply to our characters from each creature. I am creating a few background characters because this is a chaos campaign and our dm throws crazy powerful stuff at us to attempt to provide us with a challenge (and occasionally goes overboard). I am trying to find creatures with the regeneration feature so that I can apply it to one of my backups. I want some options because we already have 2 vampires (One of them being my character) and I want to find one that fits the thematic of the new character. They are a combination of a Phoenix and an Air Elemental Myrmidon so far. I am trying to find a creature with regeneration that fits this theme.