What does a Simulacrum know?

Somewhat a follow up to this question, when a simulacrum is created it obviously has to know some things (language, basic motor skills, complex motor skills needed to act in combat). It also has the statistics of the original. But would it have the information that the original has?

A practical example. The party is tracking down a cult, they manage to capture (and prevent the suicide of) a cultist. They ask the cultist where the HQ is but the cultist refuses to answer. Could the party make a simulacrum of the cultist and then ask the simulacrum the location of the cult’s secret HQ and expect it to be able to answer it? Then could the simulacrum also be used to sneak into the HQ as a convincing double agent?

The question restated is “Would a simulacrum know enough to effectively imitate the original target, or answer questions only the original target would know but the caster would not?”