What does Carpenter169’s prophecy mean?

In The Walking Dead, a book for Hunter: The Reckoning, the character Carpenter169 delivers a prophecy on hunter-net:

The hour of flame comes and the Emperor of Hell manifests. The twin-souled children of Jade have risen from their graves and await the hour that will sweep away those whose souls are not divided. The storm heralds the hour of destruction and its winds shall fan the flames even higher. Heaven’s step children wander, blind into the kingdom of death, but their sight is keen. Rotten blood and rotten souls gather under the horns of blood. Fire shall not cleanse us, and our bones will be as sand."

I think I recognize a few isolated pieces here. For example, I’m pretty sure that the storm mentioned is the 6th Great Maelstrom. There is so much happening here that I can’t figure out where to start my reading to decypher the rest. The "Emperor of Hell" sounds like something from Demon, or maybe Wraith, or maybe Kingdoms of the East…. you get the picture.

What’s this prophecy talking about?

An ideal answer would answer holistically (the big picture of the prophecy and how it fits into the World of Darkness), but also explain the individual references ("Emperor of Hell", "children of Jade", etc.).