What does the court dialect of Infernal sound like?

I would be interested in how I could imagine speaking infernal-language especially the dialect described as:

The fourth form of Infernal is the court language of Baator, used only by pit fiends and the archdevils. This form of the language is so utterly corrupt and evil that its malevolence can drag listeners into hateful despair just through hearing its patterns.

I really would love to know how I could at least imagine this to sound to roleplay my warlock perfectly.

Is there any information given by published material, wikis or any other hints? The source from the wiki talks about it some, but I have no idea how a language needs to be to achieve the cited restrictions or could even have a “smell” of hatred, or a language that smells at all.

(Faces of Evil: The Fiends. p. 35. ISBN 0-7869-3430-1.)

emphasis mine

The noises uttered often appear to bear no relation to one another, instead sounding like a combination of barking hound, an eloquent verse, the squeal of slate and steel and the sibtle smell of hatred. […] But in all situations, the sound of the language being used aloud is cause for fright.

But the problem here is, I can’t imagine how to roleplay this, without appearing more ridiciouless than inducing hatred.