What foundational skills are most important to lead a new project as an Art Director? [closed]

Let’s say I was building a new 3D platformer and need to fill a role for an Art Director that will then go on to build a team.

Let’s assume both candidates have a diverse work history in the gaming industry. They have both worked on AAA games for PC and console. They are currently art directors of other mid size game studios. Both of them have experience managing teams effectively.

But there are some differences between them:

Candidate A spent most of their career developing technical abilities in modeling and texturing. They excel in developing strong asset pipelines and making sure the final deliverables match the concepts closely as possible and are of exceptional quality. They do not excel in creating concept art or in creative design. They rely on curating and mentoring other artists concepts to find a creative vision.

Candidate B spent most of their career developing concept art and has an incredibly strong creative ability. They excel in developing a strong creative vision for the project and are able to build character and environment concepts, artistic guides, storyboards etc. They do not excel in modeling or texturing or have a strong background in asset pipelines but are familiar enough with the process to lead artists to get the close to the concepts and deliver assets of good to great quality.

Which candidates foundational skills are more important to lead the project and why?

I’m aware that there are a lot of parameters that may affect the answer to this question, and am trying to better understand those as well.