What Games Are Widespread in Forgotten Realms?

I know that Three-Dragon Ante is one of the widely popular table games across Faerûn, and here’s a nice answer with some info about the Talis deck. But I am having trouble finding what other ‘table’ games are widespread throughout Forgotten Realms. Are dice games generally plentiful, and what are they usually like? Is there perhaps a common fondness for pieces-on-a-board games like baduk or checkers? Sowing games like mancala? Maybe something with a blurrier line between luck and positioning, such as nard or diced chess?

Ideally, I’d be interested in being pointed to some sort of list/compilation with descriptions and other information of the various games (comparable to, e.g., the list of semi-magical substances on the same wiki). But failing that, a direct answer is also welcome.

While I’m particularly interested in games that are widespread throughout all layers of society and common in the northern parts of Faerûn, other games are of interest too.