What happens if I Blink while in free fall?


I have cast Blink on a previous turn and am falling from a height of 510 feet. After having fallen 500 feet, my turn ends and I vanish into the ethereal plane.

What happens when I reappear? More specifically, can Blink help me survive this free fall in any way?

Reference Material

Optional rules on falling (XGE pg.77)

When you fall from a great height, you instantly descend up to 500 feet. If you’re still falling on your next turn, you descend up to 500 feet at the end of that turn. This process continues until the fall ends, either because you hit the ground or the fall is otherwise halted.

Gravity in the ethereal plane (DMG pg.48)

The Ethereal Plane also disobeys the laws of gravity; a creature there can move up and down as easily as walking.