What happens when I fail the dice roll for spellcasting?

I am reading Mage 20 Aniversary edition and I am a little bit confused in what happens when you fail the dice roll for spellcasting (not enough successes as needed for the effect).

Let’s say I want to use Life 3 in order to heal a person. I would need to successes as I am affecting another person. I have Arete 3 and throw 2, 3 and 9. One success. Not enough to affect another person. So what’s next?

  • The effect fails and I have to try again next round with 0 successes kept.
  • I can continue casting the effect the next round keeping the previous round success (with +1 to difficult as per page 538 -in spanish edition-?).

If the case is that I keep no successes then I would need with so low Arete a ritual (extended action) for almost any effect. Am I right?