What has Mordenkainen done to maintain the balance?

I understand that Mordenkainen has become a wizard who strives to ‘maintain the balance’. My understanding of which involves ensuring that neither good, evil, law or chaos become too strong (though my interest lies in his specific view on balance, so if I am wrong in the above then please correct me).

I have found his various adventures which seem to mostly be when he was still a player character and thus before he decided that the balance was his calling, but I can’t find anything that actually says what he has done, or does to maintain that balance. All I can find is vague things like ‘keeps the blood war going’ and I can’t even find proper sources for that (this is the most complete source, but how accurate any of it is I don’t know).

From official material, including handbooks, films, computer games, quotes, interviews, notebooks stolen from the bins beside the WoTC office, or any other sources; what actions has Mordenkainen actually undertaken to help maintain ‘the balance’?

I am looking for answers that can prove the reason for an action was specifically to maintain the balance, not just a list of things he might have done where the motivation is unknown or unclear.