What is a good way to co gm an RPG session?

Some background first. A while back I ran a paranoia session that ended up having about 10 players joining, in order to facilitate running a friend who is also an experienced DM offered to support in running the session. Between us we split the DM duties handling messages from players as they attempted to betray and backstab each other, Taking it in turns to role play friend computer (ignoring most of what we had each said to add more chaos and confusion) and taking on different aspects of the game between us.

This worked really well for Paranoia which lends itself to a bit of chaos however a smaller group have now asked us about co GMing a more traditional system, we are considering either DnD, Cybwrpunk or deadlands but, before we decide a system we want to work out the best way to run this.

Is there Any advice or suggestions, or direction to good resources to talk through the pitfalls and issues that can arise and the best way to manage the GM activities