What Is and What Isn’t Borgstromancy?

After reading definitions and asking for clarifications elsewhere, I’m to this day having a hard time getting an unambiguous understanding of what things are covered by the term Borgstromancy, and which ones fall outside of it. I know that people usually describe it as using rules (or, sometimes, other literal statements that people are prone to read metaphorically when they aren’t) to convey unusual or unexpected truths about the state of affairs relating to the setting or campaign.

For example, Exalted1 has a magical ability (Charm) that gives one an automatic success at a search for food (no buts, no ifs listed), which is a way of conveying that the Lawmakers are so awesome that they can find food (not make, not summon, find) even in the empty vacuum of space in a few hours of searching to feed themselves and their followers.

The above would seem clear enough on its own, if not for the fact that it turns out the term is not that simple: there seem to be many things which would seem to fall under the above umbrella but aren’t included.

For example1, the way the rules make it possible for the same groups to have different combat efficiency depending on whether they are fighting a party-level skirmish, or an organised mass combat, as well as the ability to apply some Charms to one’s unit, is not considered to be an example of Borgstromancy, but rather of rules not acting the way they should, even though elsewhere the lore hints that the laws of logistics and strategy are different in this setting just like the laws of physics are (some classify it as the Cargo Cult of Borgstromancy instead of the real thing).

What makes the first example a good example of Borgstromancy and the second not? What properties make some rule be or not be Borgstromantic?

1 I’m leaning towards Exalted examples because that’s the ones I’m familiar with. I’m just as interested in examples from or explanations related to other games (Chuubo, Nobilis or even non-Moran games!), though I’d probably be slower to understand them if I’m not acquainted with them.