What is now the most active penetration os [closed]

kali was closely based on debian – it gave kali consistency and dependability. Kali is now based on debian bleeding edge testing distro, that makes it a bit more unstable than previous editions and as debian testing makes changes, kali will continue to have problems keeping up with package conflicts and architecture issues. (example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2WT1G6XCNU ) there are far more documented issues than with a similar debian or ubuntu install. Compare similar custom iso tutorials or instructions to see a larger average number being experienced with kali.

Kali community has changed over the last few years spurring many new penetration operating systems to be created. (per admin- most current pen-test distributions have been developed in the last 3 years than during the rest of backtrack-kali history) Kali community now routinely deletes posts and restricts the reporting of (see above-documented) bugs. History says when a community begins to ignore bugs that is usually the time a new front runner is gaining rapidly. (per admin i.e. Windows overtaken by linux, and windowsCE discontinuing due to too many problems compared to android and ios)

So….who is the new front runner? Which os has the largest TESTED repo of software (per admin- i.e. Arch Linux repository for security professionals with tons of tools.[source: techviral{dot}net). Since the community behind the os is almost more important to the future of the os than the software installed (ie the success of linux is largely attributed to the strong involved and open community)….Which os has the strongest, deepest, most accepting community?

Dracos Linux BlackBuntu BackBox ArchStrike Linux Live Hacking OS Fedora Security Spin Knoppix STD Parrot OS (seems to be moving rapidly to the top as many started to migrate from kali to parrot years ago and that migration seems to be continuing) 

please share good/bad experiences with both the operating systems and the communities that support and maintain.