What is the appropiate use of ritual spells that provide little utility?

Well say I have the "detect magic" spell as a level 1. It is kind of a waste of a spellslot to just use it willy nilly.

However I could stand still every step and cast it as a ritual for 10 minutes.

This however seems really silly when dungeon crawling, to stop at each "point of interest" and start a ritual. If I tell my party to "just stop at each door to let me check if it’s enchanted" I feel really awkward to just make the game slower.

So what are suggestions for this? When is an appropriate time to tell the party "hey I’m going to waste everyone’s time just to check if there’s magic in the air".

Similarly I have the "guidance" cantrip, and in theory I could rush over before anyone takes any action. But once again that feels silly, so what is the common way to use it?

I’m wondering especially since I joined a new playgroup, and this time a group with people I didn’t know beforehand.