What is the maximum number of Simulacra I can have?

Simulacrum seems like a very powerful spell. I’m assuming from this part of the description:

Otherwise, the illusion uses all the statistics of the creature it duplicates

that the duplicate gets all my known spells and spell slots.

So let’s assume that I have all the material components (which are very expensive). If I cast Simulacrum, have the duplicate cast Simulacrum and continue doing that, what would my limit be?

Would my limit be how many times I can halve my health?:

It appears to be the same as the original, but it has half the creature’s hit point maximum

If not, what is the maximum number of duplicates I can create with Simulacrum?

(Note that I know if I cast Simulacrum more than once the illusion disappears, but I believe having the copy cast the spell itself will bypass this.)